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Multisystem Monster Mayhem Part 1

Posted by Brett on May 31, 2009

I’m going to offer a few posts about creating monsters in a variety of game systems. These will be conversion of a creature from one game system to another, or using a fictional creature/character and presenting them in a variety of game systems. I’ll go ahead and start with somebody that everybody should be familiar with: Superman and some generic Kryptonians for Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

I think I should discuss my design principle here. With D&D the idea for this type of monster to capture the essence of the creature and translate that into game stats. In Superman’s case its a matter of detemining his iconic abilities and then giving them some numbers.

I figured that Superman should probably be a low epic tier opponent, so he gets to be a level 22 solo encounter. From there the other kyrptonians are less powerful than Superman so they end up at lower levels making them mid to high paragon tier. They share similar powers to Superman but with enough differences to highlight their own roles.

At any rate here’s some monsters.

Kryptonians are tall and muscualr but otherwise appear human. Their appearance belies tremendous power though, for they are far stronger and vastly more resilient than any human. All kryptonians are possessed of the ability to fly under their own power and all can fire beams or intense heat from their eyes.

The kryptonian striker a fast moving front line combatant. While capable of moving at blinding speeds rely on their large brethren to provide cover as they dash between their foes laying waste to everything in their way.

Tactics: The kryptonian striker will typically open their assault by attempting to freeze their opponents and then use furious assault while they wait for kryptonian juggernauts to join the fray.

The kryptonian juggernaut is a hulking member of the kryptonian species. Larger and stronger than many of his ilk the juggernaut wades into combat with relish and dealing tremendous damage by superheating his own fists with his eye beams.

Tactics: The juggernaut’s tactics are simple. Knock over as many opponents as possible and then pound them into goo.


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